Fresh and fair food delivered to your doorstep
Support local farmers and get fresh organic fruits and vegetables
About DaQuinta
As a small food producer from Evora, I felt the urge to help local farmers in the difficult Covid-19 times.

That's why I now deliver food boxes with fresh fruits and vegetables with minimal human contact.

We deliver to the greater Lisbon area and Evora
Our service
Order a veggy box till Tuesday night 9pm, And get it delivered on Thursday in Almada, Oeiras and Cascais or Friday in Lisbon To your doorstep.
Our Product
Organic and locally grown vegetables and fruits in a box. Every week a different one, seasonable fresh veggies and fruits
Support your local farmers
The fruits and veggies are sourced from local farmers in a radius from 50 kms to the point of delivery. Some exceptions can be made (other points of Portugal with different fruits not available in Lisbon region)
Our promise: Freshness
We pick the vegetables and fruits from our local producers in the same day we deliver at your door
Why choose us?
Fair & Local
We support local farmers
Fresh & Seasonal
We aim for deliver the best seasonable fresh products
Sustainable & Organic
We support sustainable & organical agriculture
Why you should eat organic food
Time Magazine states 4 reasons why you should eat organic:

1) Fewer pesticides and heavy metals
Fruits, vegetables and grains labeled organic are grown without the use of most synthetic pesticides or artificial fertilizers. (The National Organic Standard Board does allow some synthetic substances to be used.) While such chemicals have been deemed safe in the quantities used for conventional farming, health experts still warn about the potential harms of repeated exposure.

2) More healthy fats
When it comes to meat and milk, organic products can have about 50% more omega-3 fatty acids, a type of unsaturated healthy fat, than conventionally produced products, according to a 2016 study in the British Journal of Nutrition. Organic milk tested in the study also had less saturated fat than non-organic.

3) No antibiotics or synthetic hormones
Conventional livestock can be fed antibiotics to protect against illness, making it easier for farmers to raise animals in crowded or unsanitary conditions. The FDA limited the use of certain antibiotics for livestock earlier this year, but loopholes in the legislation still exist. And with the exception of poultry, conventionally raised animals can also be injected with synthetic growth hormones, so they’ll gain weight faster or produce more milk.

4) More antioxidants, in some cases
In a recent six-year study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, researchers found that organic onions had about a 20% higher antioxidant content than conventionally grown onions

Healthy and biological food box to your doorstep
Simply leave your info and we will send you an email with the current offer
(We deliver to the greater Lisbon area and Evora)
Address: Travessa 31 de Janeiro 12
7000-694 Nossa Senhora de Machede
Phone number: +351964144031

E-mail: daquinta.cabazes@gmail.com
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